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The Moorook Animal Shelter has been rehoming unwanted dogs and cats since 1999 and during this time the shelter have managed to home hundreds of dogs and puppies, cats and kittens.

We do not discriminate, we provide a second chance for all ages, gender, breeds, colours and sizes as every dog deserves to find a loving home.

There are approximately 100 dogs and cats available. Dogs are $250 each ($270 delivered to Adelaide) and cats are $100 each.

~ Adoption price for dogs include vaccinations, desexing and micro-chipping. All dogs at the shelter are also treated with Sentinel Spectrum.

The Moorook Animal Shelter has a suitable companion for every household. Appointment is recommended to ensure personnel are on site to assist you.

Delivery can be arranged to the Barossa / Gawler / Adelaide region.

Every dog is carefully assessed although absolute accurate assessment in a shelter environment is almost impossible. Dogs are pack animals therefore unforeseen issues may arise when you take him or her home after a short period of time. Due to this, we do encourage a two week trial period as it is critical that all parties of the household are happy with the new arrangement.

It does take time for an adult dog to settle into the new pack, so please give him or her the love and patience they may need through this transition period.

Current animals for adoption can be found on this website or on:

Facebook or Pet Rescue


Undesexed and/or unvaccinated dog not from the Riverland - $100
Desexed and vaccinated dog not from the Riverland (Vet Documentation Required) - $50
Dogs from the Riverland - $0 (Proof via photo licence required)
Transport arranged at the discretion of the shelter and when time and resources available - $20 minimum.

Moorook Animal Shelter is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on your support. Please help us to continue saving lives by clicking on the donation button below.


Sunday to Friday - please call for an appointment 0417868394
Saturdays - Closed