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Welcome: This is the volunteer example page.

Directions: The animals to validate each day will be displayed similar to the one below. Please read the description of the animal and then select the age, size and gender that you think is appropriate. Some of the items may have a suggestion for you that the automated program picked up from the data, however if you think it is not correct then ignore the suggestion. Make a selection for every item based on the information displayed about the animal.

Each day there will be new animals for you to validate.

Age guide: 0 to 1 = puppy/kitten, 1 to 10 = adult, 10+ = senior (select ADULT if not sure)

Moorook Animal Shelter (SA)
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Drifter - Rhodesian Ridgeback x @ 1yo. Drifter is a big boy who is very gentle for his size. he is...
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