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The Moorook Animal Shelter is a non profit / non kill organisation established in 1999.

Our shelter has made such a difference for so many of the unwanted dogs and cats in our local area. More and more dogs and cats are being rehomed into Adelaide and surrounding areas, and the best thing you can do to help us is let your friends, neighbours, relatives and workmates know that we exist.

We may not be able to save every dog or cat, but you can help us try, as every one of them deserves a place to call home.

Whether you choose to view your next best friend on here, or on Facebook, I'm sure you'll find the Moorook Animal Shelter has a dog or cat to suit everyone.

Current animals for adoption can be found on this website or also on:



Undesexed and/or unvaccinated dog not from the Riverland - $100
Desexed and vaccinated dog not from the Riverland (Vet Documentation Required) - $50
Dogs from the Riverland - $0 (Proof via photo licence required)
Transport arranged at the discretion of the shelter and when time and resources available - $20 minimum.

Moorook Animal Shelter is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on your support. Please help us to continue saving lives by clicking on the donation button below.


Sunday to Friday - please call for an appointment 0417868394
Saturdays - Closed